Live Blood Cells Analysis

What is Live Blood Cell Analysis

Live blood analysis – also known as live blood cell analysis, nutritional microscopy or sometimes darkfield microscopy biological terrain assessment – is fundamentally the analysis of living blood under an extremely powerful microscope connected to a camera.The condition and quality of your red blood cells have a direct impact on your present and future health, with stress and disease appearing in the blood years before they manifest in the body. So what do your blood cells look like?

Live blood testing enables us to see your blood exactly as it behaves inside your body, giving a clear picture of your health at a cellular level. We are not looking for patterns that lead to a ‘diagnosis’ in any shape or form, but are merely looking for imbalances in the pH levels in your blood.

Using Dark Field Microscopy

Darkfield microscopy imaging techniques provide a method to view features in blood not normally shown with phase contrast and brightfield illumination. This method illuminates the specimen from the side, not from behind, so the background is black. Minute features of the blood are shown in a glowing light as it reflects off their surfaces.

In live blood cell analysis, darkfield microscopy is best used to understand and view the cause of improper nutrition and problems in the body. Some evaluations are done solely using phase contrast or even using only brightfield, but they are missing a whole spectrum of enlightning information that can only be viewed in true darkfield.