Super C Booster

Highlights of this vitamin formula are high concentration of vitamin C in combination with antioxidants. It helps increase the body’s natural immunity by enhancing the function of white blood cells in trapping and destroying germs, reduce free radicals that cause illness and assist in the recovery process.

Vitamin C that is given intravenously can distribute throughout the body quickly so the cells in our body can fully pick up without losing in digestion and absorption in the digestive tract.

Super C Booster plus

This vitamin formula contains Zinc which helps building immunity by increasing white blood cell formation, the strengthen respiratory and digestive tract mucus lining. Super C Booster Plus strengthen the enzymatic activity in the antioxidant process, creating energy for cells, accelerating the body’s regeneration after inflammation from respiratory infection. Zinc deficiency increases the risk of contracting infections in many parts of the body. The body loses a lot of zinc through sweat and in the digestive tract each day. The absorption of zinc from the digestive tract can be reduced due to multiple conditions. Therefore, Super C Booster Plus given intravenously can strengthen the body when the body is deficient or has the need for additional vitamins.