ES Teck-Complex

The goal of this device is to measure several physiological parameters from the different main regulatory mechanism of the body and the state of the internal environment (living tissues) to provide an estimation of the Homeostasis of the patient.

The Homeostasis score will reflect the potential of adaptation of the patient to any diseases, treatments or life style changes. In the monitoring, his score could be used to understand the effectiveness of the treatment and possible side effects.

“esteck body check up”

ES Complex system Features

*Early detection of any diseases /disorders/malfunctions of organs.
*Minimum benefit of scan is to make one more aware of your health status and a resolve to improve your health.
*Diet provided detailing vitamin/minerals deficiency and recommended/not recommended foods and target weight worked out.
*After one scan, a second scan can be done and the effectiveness of any medicines herbal or other can be checked ie:We can see if the medicines have worked.”
*Determine –O2 levels in blood, respiratory rate/co2 levels.
*Hormone levels
*Neurotransmitters like serotonin etc in the brain.
*PH balance.
*Cancer in any organ or at any stage.
*Health of every organ like pancreas, liver, gallbladder kidneys, lungs, brain, colon, stomach, etc.
*Heart checked- arteries are open/closed + disturbance in heart rhythm