Revitalizer IV Therapy

The human body needs adequate nutrition. Depending on your levels of stress, fatigue and other seasonal factors, your body requires different proportions of nutrients.

These factors all affect the amount of vitamins and minerals in the body, which are essential components in the production of energy, elimination of toxins and body repair at the cellular level. Losing vitamins and minerals can disrupt these processes and the body cannot fully recover causing chronic fatigue.

By providing intravenous vitamins and nutrients instead of eating, the vitamins can be utilized by our cells immediately without going through process of digestion and absorption in digestive tract which has many factors that affect the overall vitamin intake for different individuals, such as the stomach acid pH, digestibility, absorption and intestinal bacteria, etc.


It is a multivitamins formula that includes antioxidants, minerals and essential nutrients the body needs in times of stress, increased brain activity, physical exhaustion from work, exercise or during recovery from illness. Zinc and Selenium are essential building blocks of enzymes in the antioxidant system, they also help in strengthening the immune system, prevent infection and relieve allergy symptoms. Zinc and Selenium together with the nutritional and mineral supplement groups help the brain and muscles to relax.



  • Helps dilate blood vessels and relax muscles.
  • Reduce asthma symptoms and body aches.
  • Reduce migraine.

B complex

  • It helps in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates.
  •  It is a component of energy building enzymes in various organs including the brain.