My experience with the wonderful knowledgeable staff has surpasses my expectations! From the wonderful front desk greetings to the ultra cool, relaxed waiting lounge, the ambience of HydroHealth had clearly set the tone for an experience not to be forgotten. The hydrotherapist and staffs had me rest assured that this would be like no other detox. other detox.


It’s very good to be here. The service is excellent and also the place. I feel like my health and my skin is better. The staffs are very friendly. Thus, I’m truly happy.


To me, it’s quite an experience. It’s incredible that you have such small pebble- like things in your body. I feel relieved that I can get rid some of these out of my body. I feel good after the treatment. Fortunately, I have found this place which helps me be healthier. Jaroon Gainey Start treatment since Febuary 2006 till now


I have had about 8 or 9 treatments so far. I am feeling much healthier overall. I have noticed a significant increase in my energy level, ability to concentrate, and I am getting much more sound and restful sleep at night. I believe this is one of the most positive steps I have ever taken to improve my health and have recommended it to all my friends. Best of all, the staff at HydroHealth have made it a very comfortable experience and eliminated all of my initial fears and embarrassments


I am more than happy that I have been doing colonic irrigation. It not only improves my skin condition, but most importantly improves my health dramatically. I had try Western medicine, Chinese medicine, supplements, all kind of skin care, etc, but I still have serious acne problem on my face, chest, back, I always get sick during Christmas and Chinese New Year, and I have sinus inflammation all year long. Fortunately, after a few sessions of hydrotherapy, my skin is clear and I feel more energetic. But most importantly, I didn’t get sick during Chinese New Year for the FIRST time in the past 5 or 6 years! I really recommend this great way to improve your health, and practically change your life!


I’ve been doing colon hydrotherapy for 4 years and I find that I sleep better after, as well as have better skin. Has been very helpful while I quit smoking & experience constipation. Also any uncomfortable digestive issues can be remedied after one visit. I am a true believer and plan to make this a part of my health maintenance as long as I can!

Mary Beth

I come here after feeling sluggish and basically feeling low. After each treatment I somehow feel energized and ready to face the next task at hand. Whether it’s psychological or not, I walk out feeling light & rather cheerful. The long term effect though ( just after 5 session ) is that my problematic acne around the chin is basically gone! I can now skip my weekly facial and save money on tons of expensive facial care products that never work…


After having the colonic cleansing sessions I have started to feel & see a big improvement in my skin & energy. My skin is glowing, not so dry & itchy. My energy has improved immensely. By the end of my working week I struggled to find that bit of extra energy. ( I am in the industry of personal training of which I rely so much to give energy & well being to clients ) It is such a feeling of happiness & contentedness to feel this way in such a short time. The one good thing I have to mention also the circulation. Always having cold peripherals it is so nice to feel warmer in my fingers & toes. Thank you Hydro-Health.


After my thirteen splendid sessions of colon hydrotherapy, I have not had stomachache any more. The reason I started colon hydrotherapy was because when I was eight, I never enjoyed having breakfast so my grandpa kept on getting me dim sums for breakfast. Therefore I enjoyed it. But one day, my stomach was aching so badly that when I went to the toilet, my waste wasn’t my usual waste but it was actually oil. Fortunately my mum had just been a client of colon hydrotherapy. And had kindly asked me to have a try and I did. But my first impression was, “Ew disgusting, but rather interesting.” Now I am eleven I am doing colonic at HydroHealth colon hydrotherapy and I have just finished my thirteen session! Now I am as light as a feather and as happy as it could be!