Hydrohealth Detoxification and Wellness Center

Hydrohealth a world class health and anti aging center has developed on the principle of Asia’s first professional detoxification located on the Ground floor of the President Tower Arced.

We bring you back to natural balance, through variety of exquisite treatment programs which combine natural therapies with state-of -the -art treatment technologies, under the supervision of our experienced medical staff.

With the massive investment in Luxury facilities, relaxing atmosphere and total privacy.It is our belief that a good life begins with a good start a balanced life


Total area 880sqm 25 premium and private service rooms

Colonic (7 rooms)

ไอออนอินฟราเรดซาวน่า (Ions Infrared Sauna)

Ions Infrared Sauna (5 rooms)

Massage (3 Single rooms, 1 Double room)

Aesthetic Treatment (3 rooms)

IV Treatment (7 rooms)

VIP (1 room)

VIP Lounge

H Drip (IV Therapy Bar)

H Drip (IV Therapy Bar)


Professional systemic detox center

Asia’s first professional detoxification center Established for 14 years

Medical protocal from germany

In partnership with “Edith Liebergeld Institute”

Professional Team

Full with experienced medication team and hydro therapist who are certified by I-ACT (International of Colon Hydrotherapy)

Safety & hygenic
  • High standard of machines,equipment and Supplies certified by US and Thai FDA approved
  • RO water (Reverse Osmosis) as pure as dialysis water in hospital
Luxurious facilities

Fully equipped with luxurious facilities, in a relaxing atmosphere and total privacy.

Easy Access

Located at the heart of Bangkok, directly connected to the chidlom BTS station

3 Steps to Restore a Healthy Life



Remove toxins, waste ,
inflame from main system: colon, liver, lymphatic, vascular, skin



Rebalance body functions with nutrition-related treatment to normalize the body system



Activate cell healing process targeted on the damaged organ/ function


How To Design An Effective Personalized Program

Doctor will set the goal of healing and follow up plan with client. Individual program is designed base on

  • Health status
  • Personal lab result
  • Personal conditions
    – Time available
    – Budget