Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis is a method of analyzing blood components while the blood is still alive. Using advanced technology through the Darkfield Microscope, it can identify trends in various diseases, including those related to the digestive system, residual toxins in the blood that need to be eliminated, blood circulation, immune system, and allergic conditions in the body.

This analysis involves a simple blood draw using a pen-type device, requiring just a drop of blood to yield results. This allows for prompt entry into the detoxification process as necessary. The analysis may reveal residues in the blood, toxins, heavy metals, fats, blood disorders, anemia, or abnormalities in various systems within the body.

It can assess the condition of the digestive system, identify allergies, evaluate the hormonal system, and detect potential nutritional or vitamin deficiencies. This valuable information helps assess the risk of disease and overall body deterioration, leading to appropriate rehabilitation and treatment.

Benefits of Live Blood Analysis

The results obtained through Live Blood Analysis provide insights into lifestyle and disease tendencies. The main components that can be assessed include:

  • Digestive system absorption to diagnose any abnormalities.
  • Residual toxins in the blood, including heavy metals from environmental exposure.
  • Free radicals in the blood.
  • Immune system health and body allergies.
  • Blood circulation system.

The procedure for Live Blood Analysis involves the following steps:

  • The doctor will use a pen-type blood collection device, which requires only a small drop of blood, causing minimal discomfort.
  • The collected blood is then observed under a special microscope called a Darkfield Microscope, which is connected to a computer, allowing immediate display on the screen.
  • If any abnormalities are detected, the doctor will provide advice on lifestyle changes or treatment plans to address the identified issues.
  • This may involve prescribing vitamins or supplements, conducting food allergy testing, modifying dietary habits, or implementing detoxification methods like Colon Hydrotherapy or Chelation Therapy, among others.

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