Thermal Contour

It is the only medical technology that provides an effective and integral solution to treat most aesthetic as well as any pre or post–surgical condition of the face and body using the non–invasive and pleasant to use Proionic® System. Main indications include anti-aging, skin tightening, body shaping and the reduction of cellulite.

The system uses energy capable of gradually and safely increasing the temperature of the treatment zones. Thanks to its thermal and subthermal application methodology, the system induces a tissue regenerating response and activates fat degradation, whilst always respecting cell physiology.

Benefits of Thermal Contour

The Proionic® System restores cell physiology and optimum tissue activity. This ultimately results in an increase in dermal collagen and elastin, giving rise to improved elasticity, hydration, softness and regeneration of skin.

The System is also able to exert a combined effect on superficial and deep-lying fat through deep adipose cells rapidly losing their volume, elimination of toxins and reduction in fluid retention.

How many sessions are needed and how often?

The number of sessions is determined by the treatment zone, medical prescription and the individual needs of the patient. On average, between4-6 or 8-10 sessions are required.

The frequency of sessions is usually 1-2 per week, however due to the safety of the Proionic® System for the body &biological tissues the frequency can be tailored to meet therapeutic requirement.

Does Thermal Contour cause pain or have side effects?

The Proionic® System gradually increases the temperature of the treated zone, at all times respecting the cellular physiological environment. As a result, the treatments are pleasant, non-invasive and very well tolerated. For those with more.

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