Healthy Gut Program

Healthy Gut Program

Restore and nourish your gut with the Healthy Gut Program, designed to cleanse, restore, and nurture the intestines, suitable for everyone seeking to care for their gut or experiencing intestinal issues, digestive system problems, and irregular bowel movements.

โปรแกรมดีท็อกซ์ร่างกาย (Detox Program)

🔸Step 1: Start with a thorough colon detox using “Colon Hydrotherapy,” which involves using purified water that is as clean as kidney flush, provided by HydroHealth. The advantage of this open system is that the tubing delivering water into our body is very small, ensuring comfort and minimizing discomfort or pain during the intestinal cleanse. Experienced therapists are on hand to assist and massage the abdomen during the treatment to help dislodge waste trapped in the intestines. The treatment rooms are designed for relaxation, and there’s no need to worry about unpleasant odors, as there is an effective odor extraction system in place.

🔸Step 2: Effective Bowel Massage is a technique aimed at stimulating the digestive system by massaging muscles and organs in the abdominal area. This massage focuses on various points of the large intestine, aiding in the removal of accumulated waste along the intestinal walls, promoting better digestion, and improving bowel movement. It’s a natural method devoid of any chemical substances, suitable for those experiencing chronic constipation who prefer not to rely on medication.

🔸Step 3: Gut Revival IV Therapy involves receiving vitamins intravenously to nourish and repair the intestines, strengthen intestinal tissues, promote better digestion and absorption, and normalize bowel movements, leading to a healthier gut overall.

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