“OligoScan” is a tool developed in France after decades of research. It is a spectrophotometer, a European technology used to track and measure heavy metals at the cellular level and analyze accumulated substances in patients’ tissues rapidly. OligoScan data can be used in conjunction with general blood or urine tests. The accumulation of heavy metals in cells can lead to cell damage, aging, degeneration, and mutations, which can contribute to various diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and more. OligoScan is a non-invasive external body examination tool that does not cause pain during the examination and provides quick measurement results.

The screening process consists of:

  1. The individual undergoing the examination must provide essential information, such as height, weight, age, and blood type.
  2. The reading will be conducted using a spectrophotometer at four different positions on the non-dominant hand of the person.
  3. The collected data will be sent to the OligoScan server, where it will be analyzed against a large database, providing immediate results.

Oligo/Check assesses minerals, vitamins, trace elements, oxidative stress, and heavy metals using a spectrophotometer, enabling rapid and painless evaluation.

Components of the assessment:

  1. Minerals: Deficiencies and excesses of minerals and trace elements.
  2. Heavy metals: Evaluation of excess heavy metals.
  3. Vitamins: Assessment of vitamin absorption in tissues.
  4. Oxidative stress: Levels of oxidative stress, impacting aging and various diseases.

The Oligo/Check program works as follows:

  1. Enter patient information.
  2. Perform measurements using a device pressed onto the hand at various positions.
  3. Record the results and display them on your computer.

The Oligoscan uses spectrophotometry to measure minerals and heavy metals present in tissues, comparable to measuring the entire body.

Spectrophotometry is a quantitative analysis method that measures the absorbance or density of light for specific chemical substances or trace elements.

The Power of Light principle states that all substances, whether chemical or mineral, absorb, emit, or reflect light (electromagnetic radiation) at specific wavelengths. The stronger the concentration of a substance within the specified range, as described by Beer-Lambert’s law, the more light it will absorb within the given proportion.

The SO CHECK program provides the following reports:

  1. The level of minerals in the body is categorized as follows:
    • Standard level
    • Slightly below the standard level
    • Significantly below the standard level
    • Significantly above the standard level
  2. The level of heavy metals in the body is categorized as follows:
    • Standard level
    • Slightly above the standard level
    • Significantly above the standard level
  3. The balance level of minerals in the body.
  4. The level of toxicity of heavy metals to the body.
  5. The body’s ability to eliminate heavy metal toxins.
  6. The balance between essential minerals.
  7. The body’s ability to protect against diseases caused by free radicals.

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